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Q. How do you bake so fast?

We have custom Italian brick ovens (made in the good ol’ USA) that fire up anything in 2 minutes or less thanks to it’s spinning base and high temperatures. We live in a world of instant gratification, so why should you wait for pizza?

Q. Where can I find all the nutritional information?

You can find it here

Q. Do you have Gluten-Friendly options?

We Brickin’ do! Altough we do share the same kitchen so we can’t guarantee that any of our items are 100% gluten or allergen free.

Q. Can I work with you?

We always want you to fire up our ovens! Just click HERE or visit us at any location!

Q. Does Firenza Pizza sell Franchises?

Yes! Wanna join? Just click HERE

Q. Can I fundraise with you?

OMG yes. Just click HERE and chose the location and date!

Q. Can I have my party at Firenza Pizza?

Everyday is a party for us, so, YES. Just contact the location manager you’re interested in!

Q. Do you cater?

We sure do! Just click HERE to order away.

Q. Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! Just locate your local store and purchase as many as you want! We also have e-gift cards, just click here.

Q. Do you Deliver?

Yes! Just locate your local store and purchase as many as you want!aWe sure do! At least most of our locations, check it out HERE or download our app to earn some hot points!